Redefining Security Intelligence for Enterprises using Hybrid Cloud Technologies

enterprise intelligence

Almost all companies on the online space with a URL, IP and other applications are susceptible to significant risks associated with digital identities and business objects. Enterprises are susceptible to risks from various forms on the online space including comments left by users or several objects on web-property including the execution of financial transaction on several e-commerce … [Read More...]

Step onto the Cloud and Upgrade Your Business


Nick Macdonalds wanted to reach out to newer clients with his expertise in media consultancy. His company wanted to reach out to those firms that were beyond their reach, geographically and in terms of market size.  Competitors moved faster than his firm, with their advantage of delivering video content, faster than they could. The travails of reaching out to clients had only just begun, as their … [Read More...]

Queensland Government Joins Cloud Parade

Government of Queensland

The government of Queensland, Australia have announced today their launch into the cloud. From now on all ICT decisions will be on a cloud first bases, and all non-cloud initiatives will have to be justified. This follows the footsteps of other governments including the UK, Denmark and New Zealand. The move has been in the works for around a year now and it is finally ready to be implemented. … [Read More...]

Cloud Marketplaces Help Businesses Leverage The Benefits Of The Open Cloud And Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Cloud marketplace

There are numerous ways an IT services vendor can influence clients to continue using its product. The virtuous method of ensuring continued custom is to provide something of value that outshines … [Read More...]

Cloud Email Hosting Grows Rapidly As Enterprises Move From On-Premises Solutions


Email has often been called the Internet’s killer app. In spite of its age and the advent of alternative messaging technology, the decades-long growth in the number of email accounts and emails sent … [Read More...]

There’s A Hole in My Cloud!

Complete Cloud Security

Is your cloud leaking? Cloud users are increasingly vulnerable and quite susceptible to security issues while running business operations through a public cloud. Although the number of security issues … [Read More...]

CCTs highlights from the 2014 MWC (1/2)

mobile world congress

It was a busy week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. As expected, most of the large smartphone and tablet vendors launched the latest versions as well as, in some cases, showing off … [Read More...]

How will Service Providers leverage SDN?


For the past decade or so we have seen how new disruptive IP based technologies, often called Over-The-Top (OTT) in the telecom service provider (SP) domain, have had profound impact on the … [Read More...]

How are telecom data centers adapting to the cloud?

telco data center

Many telecom service providers are in a position to capitalize on cloud services in several different ways, leveraging their assets including network control, established customer and billing … [Read More...]