There’s A Hole in My Cloud!

Complete Cloud Security

Is your cloud leaking? Cloud users are increasingly vulnerable and quite susceptible to security issues while running business operations through a public cloud. Although the number of security issues is considerably less and more controlled on a private cloud, revisiting security tactics is still important when it comes to cloud infrastructure. Even if the cloud is not present or is pooled in a … [Read More...]

CCTs highlights from the 2014 MWC (1/2)

mobile world congress

It was a busy week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. As expected, most of the large smartphone and tablet vendors launched the latest versions as well as, in some cases, showing off future prototypes. The most hyped launch was probably the new Samsung Galaxy S5 – a more of an evolutionary than a revolutionary version. Wearable devices was also a big thing at the show, … [Read More...]

How will Service Providers leverage SDN?


For the past decade or so we have seen how new disruptive IP based technologies, often called Over-The-Top (OTT) in the telecom service provider (SP) domain, have had profound impact on the established fixed and mobile SPs business models, traditionally generating primary revenue streams from selling voice minutes, SMS, mobile data, ISP as well as some other derived more enterprise focused … [Read More...]

How are telecom data centers adapting to the cloud?

telco data center

Many telecom service providers are in a position to capitalize on cloud services in several different ways, leveraging their assets including network control, established customer and billing … [Read More...]

What Is The Federated Cloud And Why Should Businesses Care?

federated clouds

Federated clouds are the logical endpoint of the move towards openness and diversity in the cloud space. Cloud federation is the deployment and management of data and applications across multiple … [Read More...]

Google Vault Is Not a Backup Solution: Setting the Record Straight

Google Vault

The cloud is no longer a buzz word, and anyone who isn’t already there will be soon. A recent Gartner survey found that a full 80 percent of organizations plan to use cloud services in the next year. … [Read More...]

The Dropbox Problem: Reverse Engineering the Dropbox Client

Dropbox Problem Reverse Engineering the Dropbox Client

The Dropbox Problem is getting worse. And it is a problem that you may not even realize you are facing. The potential for data leakage, security breaches and harm to your business is enormous. We … [Read More...]

Be critical when selecting a cloud storage provider for your business!

Cloud Storage for Businesses

When looking at the jungle of all the Business Cloud Storage and File Sharing offers out there it is easy to become confused. We see a lot of comparison, top-ten reviews, tables, charts, etc. – but … [Read More...]

Cloud enabled SMEs grow faster!

Cloud SMEs

According to a recent economic impact report performed by Boston Consulting Group (BGC), called Ahead of the Curve: lessons on Technology and Growth from Small Business Leaders, there is a huge … [Read More...]